Game server: online
Login Server: online
» Xp - Sp Drop Reworked To PvP«
» Starting Character Level - 85 «
» Free Weapons, Armors, Jewelry and Consumables S-Grade«

Enchant rates:
Enchant Rates Are Custom.Depends At The Enchant Scroll That You Are Using And The Enchant Level Of Your Equipment.You Will Be Informed With A Message On The System Message Window About The Succes Chance And The Failure Penalty.

» Top Life Stone Skill Chance - 4% «
» High Life Stone Skill Chance - 1% «

Unique features:
» Main Town - Gludin «
» Share Your Item Information With Others(click on an item while pressing the "Shift" key) «
» Remove Unnecessary Buffs (click on the buff icon while pressing the "Alt" key) «
» Improved Radar Features (shows terrain information, player/party/monster location) «
» Shift Click On The Mobs So You Can See The Drop Rates «
» New Features And Effects Including Some Skills «
» Better Performance! (enjoy) «
» Tattoo's Lv1 - Lv2 «
» All Castle Are Working Properly«
» Stackable Scrolls, Lifestones, Book Of Giants «
» Use Magic Book For More Actions (Stats,Teleport,Shop,Skill Enchant, Augment,Symbol,Class etc. «
» Reworked Farming Areas «
» Max count of buffs 25/27 Depends At Your Class «
» Npc buffer with Scheme «
» Buffs For Ever «
» Free Sub Class «
» Max subclasses - 12 «
» All Raid Boss Working 100% (Tons Of Drops, Depends At The Lvl Of The Raid Boss«
» Clan Reputation From Raid Bosses , Some Mobs At Hard Zone«
» Clan Halls Working 100% «

PvP Zone
»Player's Are Not Allowed To Team Up At PvP Zone.(Orc Village)«
»You Can Kill Anyone In PvP Zone Also Clan Mates, And Sse Any Skill At Them No Restrictions«
»2 Different Zones«
»Every Pvp Will Be Rewarded (can be exchanged at npc)«

Voiced commands:
».engage (engage your target,must be on friendlist)«
».divorce (divorce your target)«
».gotolove (tries to teleport to your partner)«
».tradeoff (blocks all trade invites from other players) «
».tradeon (enables all the invite prompts)«
».accD (toggles whaether you want either or non of your hair accesories)«
».lockdown(locks down your entire account for time specified in hours)«
».tradeon (displays how long your account is locked down for)«

Vote system:
» Global Vote System (Reward Medals,Materials,Etc.)«
» All Players Going To Be Rewarded When Server Reach The Ammount Of Votes«

Event system:
» TvT event «
» Ctf event «
» Siege event «
» DM/MassDom event «
» LM event «
» 1v1 event «
» Koren event «
» Chest event «
» Zombies event «
» Mutant event «
» THunt/THuntPvP event «
» Battlefields event «
» HuntGround event «
» Special events «

» Olympiad Time Is Depends The Day (more info ingame) «